Frequent Questions

Gas Set Up

To set up your gas, you will need to call Dominion Energy at 800-323-5517. You will give them your address (which is listed on your lease) and they will start the gas. Sometimes they have to come and manually turn the gas on which they only do Monday-Thursday.

*After you call them, you will put in a work order through your resident portal for maintenance to light your pilot light. In the description, please put: Please light my pilot light.

*Location on the work order is the HALL​.

Electric Set Up

You will need to call Rocky Mountain Power at 888-221-7070 & provide them your address to start the power. Your address is found on the lease AND Move-In Packet you were given upon move-in. They will charge a $10 connection fee.

Internet Set Up

To set up your internet, you will plug your own router into the modem located in your utility closet. Your communications package through Courtside only covers their basic internet plan.

*If you would like cable or to upgrade your internet, you will have to contact Veracity Networks at 801-691-5800 and set up a separate contract with them.


Rent is due on the 1st of every month. You have until the 5th to pay and be on time with rent. On the 6th of each month at 5:00pm, if payment has not been made, a $50 late fee will be added. This late fee is not waivable. A 3 day pay late notice is posted on the 7th. Accounts are processed to the attorney's office after the 3 day notice period. Accounts sent to attorneys have a $300 fee added.


You MUST have a parking pass to park in Courtside's parking lot after 6:00pm EVERY DAY. Cars without a pass WILL BE BOOTED/TOWED. To get a pass, you will need to fill out the Courtside Parking Pass Form. VISITORS MUST HAVE A VISITOR'S PARKING PASS AND MUST PARK IN THE DESIGNATED VISITOR'S STALLS. Visitor's can get a pass from the front office during OFFICE HOURS. 

**We are not responsible if your vehicle is booted or towed. Trailers that have to be hauled cannot be parked here, will be towed.

Maintenance Emergency

Over the weekend, if there is an emergency in your apartment, you can call our office number after hours to be directed to the emergency lines. 
An emergency is classified as a gas leak, water leak (uncontrollable and / or severe), no heat in winter-temperature has to be below 50°, no a/c in summer-temperature has to be 90° or above.

ESA / Service Animals

ESA / Service Animals are allowed, but MUST be approved through management with the appropriate forms signed prior​ to the animal entering the unit.


You can pay online through our website or the resident portal app. We can take money orders, checks, or cashier's checks in the office. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH. We do have a rent drop box located on the right side of the building if you need to drop your payment off after hours. The rent drop box is provided as a convenience to the residents. If you so choose to use the rent dropbox you are bearing a risk of loss that you will not hold Courtside liable for.